TOFF offers a unique interior design and decoration services which all characterized by the combination of detailing and cutting-edge design with individually tailored projects. Within a decade, we have produced various styles of works for exclusive clients in both local and global, projects range from residential to commercial sectors for not only private residents but also the development properties.

Predominantly, we work on new build projects or complete refurbishments with ability to offer a fully comprehensive service. We, as a team, focus closely on our clients through all stages of the design procedure, from the initial concept and space planning, through to the construction and completion. These details in each stages all come together with a top tier delivery service.

We aim to provide high performance works that are sophisticated and comfortable, executed to a high standard, and delivered in an efficient and timely manner. We extremely strive to create one-off project that combine comfort with style whilst never forgetting quality, detail, budget or timeframe. Each project will reflect the client’s individuality and aspirations, be sympathetic with the architecture and will exceed the clients’ expectations.

Typically, we are liaising with main contractors, engineers, suppliers and other contacts, developing the overall design to maintain consistency and integrity throughout its execution. No matter where the client lives, the size and scale of project, we are able to articulate the client needs and ideas to create unique, stylish spaces that reflect who the client is.